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Supporting Services


  Providers of external system services to the manufacturer through a variety of consumer-producer relationships including but not limited to: joint ventures; business partnerships; outsourcing arrangements (i.e., through contracts, interagency agreements, lines of business arrangements); licensing agreements; and/or supply chain exchanges. Supporting services include, for example, Telecommunications, engineering services, power, water, software, tech support, and security.
NISTIR 8183 from NIST SP 800-53
NISTIR 8183 Rev. 1 from NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 4
NISTIR 8183A Vol. 1 from NIST SP 800-53
NISTIR 8183A Vol. 2 from NIST SP 800-53
NISTIR 8183A Vol. 3 from NIST SP 800-53