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Tier 1/common tier 1 (CT1) (COMSEC)


  The composite of the electronic key management system (EKMS) Common Tier 1 (CT1) systems that is a tool used by the military service central offices of record (CORs) to support their accounts and by the Civil Agency CORs requesting CT1 support. The CT1 also provides generation and distribution of many types of traditional keying material for large nets. The CT1 consists of two Primary Tier 1 sites, one Extension Tier 1 site, and other Physical Material Handling Segments (PMHS) at several service sites providing the following services: a. Common military traditional electronic keying material generation and distribution facilities. b. Common keying material ordering interface for all types of keying material required by military accounts. c. Registration Authority for U.S. military accounts. d. Ordering Privilege Manager for U.S. military accounts. e. Management for the military’s COMSEC vaults, depots, and logistics system facilities.
CNSSI 4009-2015 from CNSSI 4005