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Moving toward real-world deployment of FHE

December 14, 2022


Cathie Yun - Google


Abstract: FHE is a cryptographic primitive slowly reaching the realms of reality.  This talk provides an engineer’s perspective on deploying large scale systems with FHE, its practical challenges, and open problems. The talk highlights the importance of compilers in realizing FHE as a privacy tool. It also includes a deeper dive into the FHE transpiler open sourced by Google, its modular architecture, and how it can accelerate FHE research and software development.

Based on joint work with Shruthi Gorantala, Jeremy Kun, and others at Google

Suggested reading:

Presented at

Crypto Reading Club meeting on 2002-Dec-14

Parent Project

See: Crypto Reading Club

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: cryptography

Created November 01, 2022, Updated March 22, 2023