Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

Implementation Name
The EOS MACSec Hybrid Module is a comprehensive algorithms module used to perform secure encryption, hashing, and random number operations. As a special note, no PAI/PAA functions of the processors are used in the implementation of the software crypto module.
1.0 (Firmware)
Arista Networks Inc.
5453 Great America Pkwy
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Richard Whitney
Fax: 408-538-8920
Ethan Rahn

AES 5482 Expand All First Validated: 6/15/2018

Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
AMD GE Series AES-CBC Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CBC Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CBC Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CBC Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CBC Expand
AMD GE Series AES-CCM Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CCM Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CCM Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CCM Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CCM Expand
AMD GE Series AES-CFB1 Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CFB1 Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CFB1 Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CFB1 Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CFB1 Expand
AMD GE Series AES-CFB128 Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CFB128 Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CFB128 Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CFB128 Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CFB128 Expand
AMD GE Series AES-CFB8 Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CFB8 Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CFB8 Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CFB8 Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CFB8 Expand
AMD GE Series AES-CMAC Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CMAC Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CMAC Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CMAC Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CMAC Expand
AMD GE Series AES-CTR Expand
AMD GX Series AES-CTR Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-CTR Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-CTR Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-CTR Expand
AMD GE Series AES-ECB Expand
AMD GX Series AES-ECB Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-ECB Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-ECB Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-ECB Expand
AMD GE Series AES-GCM Expand
AMD GX Series AES-GCM Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-GCM Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-GCM Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-GCM Expand
AMD GE Series AES-GMAC Expand
AMD GX Series AES-GMAC Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-GMAC Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-GMAC Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-GMAC Expand
AMD GE Series AES-OFB Expand
AMD GX Series AES-OFB Expand
Intel Pentium B9 AES-OFB Expand
Intel Xeon D-1500 AES-OFB Expand
Intel Xeon E3 AES-OFB Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated October 19, 2020