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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

Implementation Name
Aruba's single/multi-radio wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n APs are featured to address the needs of secure, mobile networks of all sizes. They may be configured for enterprise and/or Mesh topologies, or to provide secure remote connectivity across high latency links. Aruba APs support the IEEE 802.1X and 802.11i standards with up to 256-bit AES encryption.
Version (Firmware)
Aruba Networks
1322 Crossman Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1113
Robbie Gill
Glen Beasley

HMAC 1098

   First Validated: 10/31/2011
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
Atheros AR5312 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
Atheros AR7161 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
Atheros AR7242 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
Cavium Networks Octeon Plus CN5010 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
IDT79RC3234 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
Marvell 88F6560 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
RMI-XLR508 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
RMI-XLR516 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
RMI-XLR532 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
RMI-XLR7300 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
RMI-XLS204 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
RMI-XLS408 HMAC-SHA-1 Expand
Atheros AR5312 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
Atheros AR7161 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
Atheros AR7242 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
Cavium Networks Octeon Plus CN5010 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
IDT79RC3234 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
Marvell 88F6560 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
RMI-XLR508 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
RMI-XLR516 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
RMI-XLR532 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
RMI-XLR7300 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
RMI-XLS204 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
RMI-XLS408 HMAC-SHA2-256 Expand
Atheros AR5312 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
Atheros AR7161 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
Atheros AR7242 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
Cavium Networks Octeon Plus CN5010 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
IDT79RC3234 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
Marvell 88F6560 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
RMI-XLR508 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
RMI-XLR516 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
RMI-XLR532 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
RMI-XLR7300 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
RMI-XLS204 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
RMI-XLS408 HMAC-SHA2-384 Expand
Atheros AR5312 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
Atheros AR7161 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
Atheros AR7242 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
Cavium Networks Octeon Plus CN5010 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
IDT79RC3234 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
Marvell 88F6560 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
RMI-XLR508 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
RMI-XLR516 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
RMI-XLR532 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
RMI-XLR7300 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
RMI-XLS204 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand
RMI-XLS408 HMAC-SHA2-512 Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated March 08, 2021