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Computer Security Objects Register CSOR


Information objects that convey information used to maintain the security of resources in computerized environments are known as Computer Security Objects (CSOs). The Computer Security Objects Register (CSOR) specifies names that uniquely identify CSOs. These unique names are used to reference these objects in abstract specifications and during the negotiation of security services for a transaction or application. The CSOR is also a repository of parameters associated with the registered objects.

The CSOR currently contains objects for:

For agencies requesting a new certificate policy object identifiers (OID), please send email with OID name, associated document and point of contact information.

New registration branches and their object-specific requirements will be defined as the need arises.


CSOR Disclaimer
The registration service presented here does not provide an endorsement or approval for techniques, algorithms, or products using the specifications maintained. Similarly, there is no explicit or implicit indication of the correctness or suitability of registered computer security objects for any use. Use of the Computer Security Objects Register (CSOR) is not mandatory, although recommended as a tool for achieving interoperability. Conflicts with ownership and/or rights over alpha-numeric object names and specifications must be resolved by applicants prior to the submission of a request for registration. The registration of a security object assigns the applicant no rights over the object or its name and is therefore no absolute proof of ownership. Registered objects and their names may be protected by copyrights and or patents and their use by others than the owner may require special arrangements without the involvement of the Registration Authority. Upon requesting registration, applicants give the Registration Authority permission to reproduce and distribute the names and specifications of all objects being registered.
Created May 24, 2016, Updated March 01, 2024