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NISTIR 8063 (Draft)

Primitives and Elements of Internet of Things (IoT) Trustworthiness

Date Published: February 2016
Comments Due: March 17, 2016 (public comment period is CLOSED)
Email Questions to: iot@nist.gov


Jeffrey Voas (NIST)


NIST requests public comments on Drdaft NISTIR 8063, Primitives and Elements of Internet of Things (IoT) Trustworthiness. This report describes research on creating a vocabulary, namely primitives and elements, for composing IoT. This report presents five primitives and six elements that form a design catalogue that can support trustworthiness. We envision their application to use cases, ontologies, formalisms, and other methods to specific IoT projects. These primitives apply well to systems with large amounts of data, scalability concerns, heterogeneity concerns, temporal concerns, and elements of unknown pedigree with possible nefarious intent. These primitives form the basic building blocks for a Network of 'Things' (NoT), including the Internet of Things (IoT). We see this as early research and earnestly seek feedback on the merits, utility, and feasibility of such a vocabulary.



Internet of Things (IoT); Network of Things (NoT); reliability; security; trust; distributed system; trustworthiness  ; ; composability; big data
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Draft NISTIR 8063

Supplemental Material:
None available

Document History:
02/16/16: NISTIR 8063 (Draft)
07/28/16: SP 800-183 (Final)


big data

cyber-physical systems; Internet of Things

smart grid