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SP 800-140D Rev. 1

CMVP Approved Sensitive Parameter Generation and Establishment Methods: CMVP Validation Authority Updates to ISO/IEC 24759

Date Published: May 2022

Supersedes: SP 800-140D (03/20/2020)


Kim Schaffer (NIST), Alexander Calis (NIST)



Cryptographic Module Validation Program; CMVP; FIPS 140 testing; FIPS 140-3; ISO/IEC 19790; ISO/IEC 24759; sensitive security parameter establishment methods; sensitive security parameter generation; testing requirement; vendor documentation; vendor evidence
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SP 800-140D Rev. 1 (DOI)
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Document History:
08/20/21: SP 800-140D Rev. 1 (Draft)
02/10/22: SP 800-140D Rev. 1 (Draft)
05/20/22: SP 800-140D Rev. 1 (Final)


Security and Privacy
cryptography; testing & validation