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SP 800-216

Recommendations for Federal Vulnerability Disclosure Guidelines

Date Published: May 2023

Planning Note (5/24/2023): Send inquiries about this publication to sp800-216-comments@nist.gov.


Kim Schaffer (NIST), Peter Mell (NIST), Hung Trinh (NIST), Isabel Van Wyk (NIST)



advisory; Federal Coordination Body; findings report; source vulnerability report; vulnerability communication; Vulnerability Disclosure; Vulnerability Disclosure Policy; Vulnerability Disclosure Program Office; vulnerability processing; vulnerability tracking
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SP 800-216 (DOI)
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Document History:
06/07/21: SP 800-216 (Draft)
05/24/23: SP 800-216 (Final)


Security and Privacy
threats; vulnerability management

Laws and Regulations
Internet of Things Cybersecurity Improvement Act