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FIPS 202

SHA-3 Standard: Permutation-Based Hash and Extendable-Output Functions

Date Published: August 2015

Planning Note (07/27/2023):

This publication is currently under review. See more at the Crypto Publication Review Project.

A typographical error has been identified in (non-normative) Appendix B, on page 26. In the description of Algorithm 10, step 1 begins:

1. For each integer \(i\) such that \(0 \leq i < 2m-1 , \dots\)

but instead the correct notation should be:

1. For each integer \(i\) such that \(0 \leq i < 2m, \dots\)

This correction will be incorporated in any future revision of this standard.


National Institute of Standards and Technology



hash function; information security; message digest; permutation; SHA-3; sponge construction; sponge function; cryptography; extendable-output function; Federal Information Processing Standard; KECCAK; XOF; hash algorithm; computer security
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