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NIST IR 8222 (Initial Public Draft)

Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Concerns

Date Published: September 2018

Planning Note (10/17/2018):

The content originally available—briefly—in Draft NISTIR 8222, is now available in a Draft NIST Cybersecurity White Paper, Internet of Things (IoT) Trust Concerns.


Jeffrey Voas (NIST), Richard Kuhn (NIST), Phillip Laplante (Penn State University), Sophia Applebaum (MITRE)



Internet of Things (IoT); computer security; trust; confidence; network of ‘things’; interoperability; scalability; reliability; testing; environment; standards; measurement; timestamping; algorithms; software testing
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Document History:
09/17/18: IR 8222 (Draft)
10/17/18: Other (Draft)