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NIST IR 8355

NICE Framework Competency Areas: Preparing a Job-Ready Cybersecurity Workforce

Date Published: June 2023

Planning Note (06/21/2023): See the full announcement for our call for comments on the proposed list of NICE Framework Competency Areas. The comment period is open through August 5, 2023. Please direct your queries about NIST IR 8355 or the call for comments to


Karen Wetzel (NIST)



competency; Competency Area; cyber; cybersecurity; cyberspace; education; knowledge; risk management; role; security; skill; task; team; training; workforce; work role
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Supplemental Material:
NICE Framework site

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SP 800-181 Rev. 1

Document History:
03/17/21: IR 8355 (Draft)
12/15/21: IR 8355 (Draft)
06/21/23: IR 8355 (Final)