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Project Description (Initial Public Draft)

Secure IPv6-Only Implementation in the Enterprise

Date Published: December 9, 2021
Comments Due: January 27, 2022 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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Douglas Montgomery (NIST), Murugiah Souppaya (NIST), William Barker (Dakota Consulting), Yemi Fashina (MITRE), Parisa Grayeli (MITRE), Joe Klein (MITRE)


Publication of this project description begins a process to further identify project requirements, scope, and hardware and software components for use in a laboratory demonstration environment.

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) will solicit participation from industry to develop an approach for addressing operational, security, and privacy issues associated with the evolution to IPv6-only network infrastructures. In addition, this project will demonstrate tools and methods for securely implementing IPv6, whether as a “greenfield” implementation in which there is no current IPv4 enterprise infrastructure, or as a transition from an IPv4 infrastructure to an IPv6-only network. This project will result in practice guides to encourage the secure transition to IPv6-only enterprise IT environments.

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internet; IPv6; IPv6-only; IPv6 transition mechanisms; network security; networking
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Draft Project Description (pdf)

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12/09/21: Project Description (Draft)


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