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Project Description (Initial Public Draft)

Manufacturing Supply Chain Traceability with Blockchain Related Technology: Reference Implementation

Date Published: April 14, 2023
Comments Due: May 16, 2023 (public comment period is CLOSED)
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Michael Pease (NIST), Keith Stouffer (NIST), Evan Wallace (NIST), Harvey Reed (MITRE), Steve Granata (MITRE)


This project introduces the concept of a manufacturing supply chain "traceability chain," which is comprised of a series of manufacturing traceability records written to industry specific ecosystem blockchain related technologies. After product delivery to a critical infrastructure, national security, or other end user with stringent traceability requirements, the traceability chain can be read in reverse, through intermediate steps, to the original components, such as microelectronics and software. The traceability chain provides supply chain visibility from end-user to original components.

The Project Description describes an open-source Traceability Chain MVP (Minimum Viable Product) reference implementation using open-source technologies for blockchain related technologies and script automation to enable illustrative scenarios.

The Traceability Chain MVP is intended to be a starting point for further research and refinement by industry sectors to add specificity in traceability records to support their traceability needs. Further, standards orgs are also encouraged to explore opportunities for standardization of how traceability records are written and later read, including mechanisms of how records are traversed.

Industry is invited to comment on the Project Description during the comment period.



anticounterfeiting; antitampering; blockchain, distributed permissioned ledger; ecosystem; identity; pedigree; provenance; supply chain traceability
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Draft Project Description (pdf)

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04/14/23: Project Description (Draft)
08/14/23: Project Description (Final)


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