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NIST Publishes SP 800-108 Revision 1, Recommendation for Key Derivation Using Pseudorandom Functions
August 18, 2022

NIST is pleased to announce the release of Special Publication (SP) 800-108r1, Recommendation for Key Derivation Using Pseudorandom Functions. This publication specifies techniques for the derivation of additional keying material from a secret cryptographic key using pseudorandom functions. The key-derivation functions specified in the original edition of SP 800-108 (2008) used the Keyed-hash Message Authentication Code (HMAC) and Cipher-based MAC (CMAC) as pseudorandom functions.

This revision adds a Keccak-based MAC (KMAC) key-derivation function. It also discusses key-control issues when using CMAC as a pseudorandom function, as well as methods to prevent a single party from controlling the derived key block.

Parent Project

See: Key Management

Related Topics

Security and Privacy: key management, random number generation

Created August 16, 2022, Updated August 18, 2022