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NIST Requests Public Comments on SP 800-135 Revision 1, Recommendation for Existing Application-Specific Key Derivation Functions
July 27, 2023

NIST is in the process of a periodic review and maintenance of its cryptography standards and guidelines.  

Currently, we are requesting public comments on the following publication:

NIST requests feedback on all aspects of SP 800-135 Rev. 1. 

The public comment period is open through September 27, 2023. Send comments to with “Comments on SP 800-135 Rev. 1” in the subject line. 

Comments received in response to this request will be posted on the Crypto Publication Review Project site after the due date. Submitters’ names and affiliations (when provided) will be included, while contact information will be removed. See the project site for additional information about the review process. 

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