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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

This document focuses on the firmware implementation of the Fortinet FortiOS FIPS Cryptographic Library v5.4 running on Intel x86 compatible processors.
5.4 (Firmware)
Fortinet Inc.
1090 Kifer Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94086-5301
Alan Kaye
613-225-9381 x87416
Fax: 613-225-9951

SHS 3777

   First Validated: 7/14/2017
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
ARM v5 Compatible (SoC2) SHA-1 Expand
ARM v7 Compatible (SoC3) SHA-1 Expand
Intel Celeron SHA-1 Expand
Intel i3 Series SHA-1 Expand
Intel i5 Series SHA-1 Expand
Intel i7 Series SHA-1 Expand
Intel Xeon E5 SHA-1 Expand
ARM v5 Compatible (SoC2) SHA2-256 Expand
ARM v7 Compatible (SoC3) SHA2-256 Expand
Intel Celeron SHA2-256 Expand
Intel i3 Series SHA2-256 Expand
Intel i5 Series SHA2-256 Expand
Intel i7 Series SHA2-256 Expand
Intel Xeon E5 SHA2-256 Expand
ARM v5 Compatible (SoC2) SHA2-384 Expand
ARM v7 Compatible (SoC3) SHA2-384 Expand
Intel Celeron SHA2-384 Expand
Intel i3 Series SHA2-384 Expand
Intel i5 Series SHA2-384 Expand
Intel i7 Series SHA2-384 Expand
Intel Xeon E5 SHA2-384 Expand
ARM v5 Compatible (SoC2) SHA2-512 Expand
ARM v7 Compatible (SoC3) SHA2-512 Expand
Intel Celeron SHA2-512 Expand
Intel i3 Series SHA2-512 Expand
Intel i5 Series SHA2-512 Expand
Intel i7 Series SHA2-512 Expand
Intel Xeon E5 SHA2-512 Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated July 03, 2024