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Mobile Forensics


Mobile Forensics

There is a critical need in the law enforcement community to ensure the reliability of mobile forensic tools. The Computer Forensic Tool Testing (CFTT) project at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) establishes methodologies for testing computer forensic software tools by development of general tool specifications, test procedures, test criteria, test sets, and test hardware. The results provide the information necessary for toolmakers to improve tools, for users to make informed choices about acquiring and using computer forensics tools, and for interested parties to understand the tools capabilities. A capability is required to ensure that forensic software tools consistently produce accurate and objective test results. Our approach for testing computer forensic tools is based on well-recognized international methodologies for conformance testing and quality testing.  Additional information on mobile forensics can be found at:

Published reports can be found at:





Rick Ayers


Technologies: mobile

Applications: forensics

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Created June 08, 2016, Updated August 30, 2023