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Personal Identity Verification of Federal Employees and Contractors PIV

News and Updates

Comment on NIST SP 800-79 Revision 3
December 13, 2023
The initial public draft (ipd) of SP 800-79r3 (Revision 3), Guidelines for the Authorization of PIV Card and Derived PIV Credential Issuers, provides appropriate and useful guidelines for assessing the reliability of PIV Card...
Drafts of SP 800-73-5 and SP 800-78-5 Available for Public Comment
September 27, 2023
Two PIV publications are being revised: "Interfaces for Personal Identity Verification" (SP 800-73-5, 3 parts), and "Cryptographic Algorithms and Key Sizes for Personal Identity Verification" (SP 800-78-5). Submit your public...
NIST Releases Two Draft Guidelines on PIV Credentials
January 10, 2023
NIST is announcing the initial public drafts of NIST SP 800-157r1 (Revision 1), "Guidelines for Derived Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Credentials," and NIST SP 800-217, "Guidelines for Personal Identity Verification...
FIPS 201-3 Approved and Published: NIST Revises PIV Standard
January 24, 2022
The Secretary of Commerce has approved the publication of FIPS 201-3, NIST latest revision of "Personal Identity Verification (PIV) of Federal Employees and Contractors."
Created May 24, 2016, Updated January 04, 2024