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Security Content Automation Protocol Version 2 (SCAP v2) SCAP v2

Security Content Automation Protocol v2 Community

SCAP Discussion List (View and Subscribe)

The SCAP team at NIST maintains a moderated discussion list that users can post to, regarding the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP). This is the primary discussion list for on-going development of SCAP v2.This list is moderate in volume.


SCAPv2 Subgroup Lists

There are a number of existing SCAPv2 community subgroups that are working on more specific areas of work:


SCAPv2 Content Metadata and Repositories (View and Subscribe)


SCAPv2 Applicability Language (View and Subscribe)


SCAPv2 OVAL and Checking Languages (View and Subscribe)


SCAPv2 Endpoint Data Collection (View and Subscribe)


SCAPv2 XCCDF and Content Authoring (View and Subscribe)

Created December 17, 2018, Updated January 07, 2022