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Usable Cybersecurity


We conduct research with an end goal of improving the usability of privacy mechanisms so that people are better able to protect their sensitive information online.

Current/recent projects:

  • Data guardians - understanding the experiences, perceptions, and challenges of professionals tasked with protecting other people's personal data in their daily work

Past projects:

  • Differential privacy - created a video to explain the concept and utility of differential privacy in easy-to-understand terms
  • Non-breach privacy events - collected and characterized a corpus of “non-breach privacy events," which are defined as incidents in which the action or inaction by an individual or organization resulted in a perceived privacy violation, but where the action did not involve the theft of data as the result of a computer intrusion
  • Preserving privacy while authenticating to third-party websites – investigated how privacy dialog box message formats impact a user’s choice to continue to a third-party website and use their social networking site credentials for authentication


Created November 17, 2016, Updated November 29, 2022