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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

Implementation Name
RX65N and RX651 are general purpose MCU which equipped TSIP. The TSIP is hardware which consists of cryptographic accelerator, random number generator and access management circuit along with chip-unique-ID. RX65N and RX651 can provide secure cryptographic functions including strong key management by using TSIP.
RX Family RX65N 2.00-pre
Renesas Electronics Corporation
5-20-1 Jousuihon-cho
Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 187-8588
Hideyuki Tanaka
Fax: +81-42-328-4374


   First Validated: 7/25/2019
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
TSIP Expand
    AES-CBC Expand
    TSIP Expand
      AES-CCM Expand
      TSIP Expand
        AES-CMAC Expand
        TSIP Expand
          AES-ECB Expand
          TSIP Expand
            AES-GCM Expand
            TSIP Expand
              AES-GMAC Expand
              TSIP Expand
                Counter DRBG Expand
                TSIP Expand
                  KDF SP800-108 Expand
                  TSIP Expand
                    RSA SigGen (FIPS186-4) Expand
                    TSIP Expand
                      RSA SigVer (FIPS186-4) Expand
                      TSIP Expand
                        SHA-1 Expand
                        TSIP Expand
                          SHA2-256 Expand

                          Created October 05, 2016, Updated March 16, 2023