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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

IOS Common Crypto Module
2.0 (Firmware)
Cisco Systems, Inc.
170 West Tasman Drive
San Jose, CA 95134
Global Certification Team

Component 253

   First Validated: 3/31/2014
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
AMCC PowerPC 405EX KDF IKEv1 Expand
Cavium CN5020 KDF IKEv1 Expand
Cavium CN5220 KDF IKEv1 Expand
Cavium CN5230 KDF IKEv1 Expand
Freescale 8752E KDF IKEv1 Expand
Freescale SC8548H KDF IKEv1 Expand
Intel Atom C2000 KDF IKEv1 Expand
Intel Xeon KDF IKEv1 Expand
MPC8358E KDF IKEv1 Expand
MPC8572C KDF IKEv1 Expand
PowerPC 405 KDF IKEv1 Expand
AMCC PowerPC 405EX KDF IKEv2 Expand
Cavium CN5020 KDF IKEv2 Expand
Cavium CN5220 KDF IKEv2 Expand
Cavium CN5230 KDF IKEv2 Expand
Freescale 8752E KDF IKEv2 Expand
Freescale SC8548H KDF IKEv2 Expand
Intel Atom C2000 KDF IKEv2 Expand
Intel Xeon KDF IKEv2 Expand
MPC8358E KDF IKEv2 Expand
MPC8572C KDF IKEv2 Expand
PowerPC 405 KDF IKEv2 Expand
AMCC PowerPC 405EX KDF SNMP Expand
Cavium CN5020 KDF SNMP Expand
Cavium CN5220 KDF SNMP Expand
Cavium CN5230 KDF SNMP Expand
Freescale 8752E KDF SNMP Expand
Freescale SC8548H KDF SNMP Expand
Intel Atom C2000 KDF SNMP Expand
Intel Xeon KDF SNMP Expand
MPC8358E KDF SNMP Expand
MPC8572C KDF SNMP Expand
PowerPC 405 KDF SNMP Expand
AMCC PowerPC 405EX KDF SRTP Expand
Cavium CN5020 KDF SRTP Expand
Cavium CN5220 KDF SRTP Expand
Cavium CN5230 KDF SRTP Expand
Freescale 8752E KDF SRTP Expand
Freescale SC8548H KDF SRTP Expand
Intel Atom C2000 KDF SRTP Expand
Intel Xeon KDF SRTP Expand
MPC8358E KDF SRTP Expand
MPC8572C KDF SRTP Expand
PowerPC 405 KDF SRTP Expand
AMCC PowerPC 405EX KDF SSH Expand
Cavium CN5020 KDF SSH Expand
Cavium CN5220 KDF SSH Expand
Cavium CN5230 KDF SSH Expand
Freescale 8752E KDF SSH Expand
Freescale SC8548H KDF SSH Expand
Intel Atom C2000 KDF SSH Expand
Intel Xeon KDF SSH Expand
MPC8358E KDF SSH Expand
MPC8572C KDF SSH Expand
PowerPC 405 KDF SSH Expand
AMCC PowerPC 405EX KDF TLS Expand
Cavium CN5020 KDF TLS Expand
Cavium CN5220 KDF TLS Expand
Cavium CN5230 KDF TLS Expand
Freescale 8752E KDF TLS Expand
Freescale SC8548H KDF TLS Expand
Intel Atom C2000 KDF TLS Expand
Intel Xeon KDF TLS Expand
MPC8358E KDF TLS Expand
MPC8572C KDF TLS Expand
PowerPC 405 KDF TLS Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated March 16, 2023