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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

The AEP Networks Advanced Configurable Crypto Environment (ACCE) provides highly secure cryptographic services and key storage. It is used in a range of AEP systems and OEM products including the SureWare keyper family.
010837 v2 rel 7 (Firmware)
AEP Networks
Focus 31, West Wing
Cleveland Road
Hemel Hempstead, Herts HP2 7BW
David Miller
+44 1442 458617
Fax: +44 1442 458601
Rod Saunders
+44 1442 458625
Fax: +44 1442 458601

RSA 297

   First Validated: 10/15/2007
Operating Environment Algorithm Capabilities
Motorola PowerPC 866 RSA KeyGen (FIPS186-2): Expand
Motorola PowerPC 866 RSA SigGen (FIPS186-2) Expand
Motorola PowerPC 866 RSA SigVer (FIPS186-2) Expand

Created October 05, 2016, Updated July 03, 2024