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Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program CAVP

CAVP Testing: Random Number Generators

Algorithm Specifications

Algorithm specifications for current FIPS-approved and NIST-recommended random number generators are available from the Cryptographic Toolkit.

Current testing includes the following algorithm:

  • DRBG (SP 800-90A)

Algorithm Validation Testing Requirements

Deterministic Random Bit Generators (DRBG)

The DRBG Validation System (DRBGVS) specifies validation testing requirements for the DRBG algorithm in SP800-90A .

Testing Notes

Test Vectors

Use of these test vectors does not replace validation obtained through the CAVP.

The test vectors linked below can be used to informally verify the correctness of a random number generator algorithm implementation.

DRBG Test Vectors - This zip file contains three separate zip file archives, one each for Prediction Resistance Enabled, Prediction Resistance Not Enabled, and Prediction Resistance Not Enabled and Reseed Function Not Supported.  In each zip file is a Readme.txt file describing its contents.

However, use of these vectors does not take the place of validation obtained through the Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program (CAVP).

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Created October 05, 2016, Updated March 16, 2023