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SCAP 1.3 Schematron Rules

The following sections detail the Schematron rules for SCAP 1.3.

SCAP Schematron Rules

The SCAP Schematron Rules are ISO Schematron rules written to check many of the requirements documented in NIST SP 800-126 Rev 3. They are for informational purposes only; they do not supercede the requirements in the specification. The rules are subject to change at anytime. Instructions on how to use the resource are provided in the included scap-rules-readme.txt.

Version: 1.3.2

Released: 02/14/2018

Download: SCAP Schematron Package

SHA-256: 73687DC442D9E4A494D678FD5385D7F6551CD55514DF20955E5D8602AFD75C5B

OVAL Schematron Rules

The OVAL Schematron Rules page contains the OVAL Schematron files that are applicable to SCAP 1.3. These are provided because in limited cases the Schematron files needed to be modified from their official version (found here). All deviations from the officially released versions are documented in the oval-rules-readme.txt.

Updated: 02/14/2018

Download: OVAL Schematron Package

SHA-256: DA9CC17EBCCF6607551036185A6D90E7BB6EA3DECE6135F2A8C37CD262B474C0

Created December 07, 2016, Updated January 28, 2019