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SP 800-116 Rev. 1

Guidelines for the Use of PIV Credentials in Facility Access

Date Published: June 2018

Supersedes: SP 800-116 (November 2008)


Hildegard Ferraiolo (NIST), Ketan Mehta (NIST), Nabil Ghadiali (National Gallery of Art), Jason Mohler (Electrosoft Services), Vincent Johnson (Electrosoft Services), Steven Brady (Electrosoft Services)



credential; e-authentication; identity credential; issuance; personal identity verification (PIV); physical access control system (PACS); PIV authentication mechanisms; PIV cards; public key infrastructure (PKI); validation
Control Families

Access Control; Identification and Authentication; Personnel Security; Physical and Environmental Protection; Planning;


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Document History:
Draft SP 800-116 Rev. 1 (12/28/15)
SP 800-116 Rev. 1 (6/29/18)