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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Entropy Validation Server

The Entropy Validation Server Test System is the process by which a lab may submit all information around an entropy source to receive a validation. This is done by interacting with the Web API offered by the Entropy Validation Server. For information on the protocol, reporting issues, and requesting access, view the GitHub page:

The protocol is based on ACVP. Information on that can be found here: Automated Cryptographic Validation Testing

The Demo server is available after 1/28/21. To request access to the Demo server, please view the GitHub link provided above. The Prod server will be available when the 17ESV scope is finalized and available.

The ESV Server runs the SP 800-90B Entropy Assessment Tool on outputs provided by the entropy source to provide an entropy estimate. Additional documentation is needed to address the other requirements of SP 800-90B. This documentation is also submitted through the ESV Server. When a validation certificate is requested, this information is sent to a CMVP reviewer to determine if the justification for conformance is sufficient.

Created October 11, 2016, Updated April 01, 2024