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Digital Signatures

News and Updates

NIST Releases FIPS 186-5 and SP 800-186
February 3, 2023
Today, NIST is publishing a revised Digital Signature Standard (FIPS 186-5) and Recommendations for Discrete Logarithm-based Cryptography: Elliptic Curve Domain Parameters (NIST SP 800-186).
Comment on Draft FIPS 186-5 and Draft SP 800-186
October 31, 2019
Digital signature algorithms and elliptic curves: NIST is requesting comments on two drafts that specify digital signature algorithms (Draft FIPS 186-5) and NIST-recommended elliptic curves (Draft SP 800-186). The public...
NIST Requests Comments on FIPS 186-4, Digital Signature Standard
October 20, 2015
NIST requests comments on Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 186-4, Digital Signature Standard, which has been in effect since July 2013. FIPS 186-4 specifies three techniques—RSA,...
Created January 04, 2017, Updated March 16, 2023