Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board ISPAB


Links are provided for those board members that submitted their biographies. 

Steven Lipner, Chairperson
 Executive Director

Dr. Brett Baker
Assistant Inspector General for Audit
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Office of the Inspector General

Akilesh Duvvur
Vice President, Worldwide Cloud Platform Product
& Offering Management 

Brian Gattoni
Chief Technology Officer within the Cybersecurity 
and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)
Department of Homeland Security

Marc Groman
Principal, Groman Consulting
Adjunct Professor, Georgetown University Law Center

Arabella Hallawell
Vice President, Strategy and Communications 
NetScout Systems

Douglas Maughan
Head of Office of Convergence Accelerators 
National Science Foundation

Janine Pedersen
Chief, NSA Hardware Solutions 
National Security Agency 

Philip Venables
Senior Advisor (Risk and Cybersecurity) & Board Director (Goldman Sachs Bank)
Goldman Sachs Bank


Jeff Brewer
National Institute of Standards and Technology
TEL: 301-975-2489   FAX: 301-975-8670
Email: Jeff Brewer


Matthew Scholl – Alternate Designated Federal Officer
National Institute of Standards and Technology
TEL: 301-975-2941   FAX: 301-975-8670
Email: Matthew Scholl



Mr. Matthew Scholl - NIST/CSD

Jeff Brewer


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Laws and Regulations: E-Government Act

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