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Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board ISPAB


Title / Presenter Type Date
15 USC 278g-4: Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB)
Briefing 03/20/2016
ISPAB Received Response from NIST Director, Dr. Willie May
Briefing 03/16/2016
ISPAB Charter for 2016-2018
Briefing 03/07/2016
ISPAB Correspondence - Quantum Computing
Presentation 01/28/2016
ISPAB Letter NIST Cybersecurity Framework
Briefing 01/13/2016
ISPAB Letter to Endorse the Realignment Within ITL
Briefing 07/22/2015
ISPAB: Recommending the US Department of Commerce to review the internal risk management process
Briefing 07/22/2015
ISPAB Board Members From 2003-2010
Briefing 01/15/2015
ISPAB Letter: NIST Cryptographic Standards
Briefing 01/14/2015
ISPAB Recommendations to Strategy to Secure Cyberspace
Presentation 01/14/2015
Support of initiative of the National Security Council
Briefing 01/14/2015
The e-Authentication Initiative
Briefing 01/14/2015
The issue of agencies using Web-based transactions
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB Letter regarding NIST Special Publication 800-53 Revision 4
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB Recommendation Letter for Proposed Reorganization to NIST ITL Director
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB Recommendations to OMB for Initiative 8
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB Letter About PCLOB
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB Letter: Discuss Sharing Information on Cyber Threats and Indicators
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB: Report on Cyber Security Funding for NIST
Briefing 01/13/2015
ISPAB Submission of comments to FDA draft
Briefing 01/13/2015
Letter on OMB and NIST work with DHS
Briefing 01/13/2015
Letter on Section 522 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2005, Division H Transportation/Treasury
Briefing 01/13/2015
Letter to NIST on FIPS 140-2 ISO
Briefing 01/13/2015
NIST Cybersecurity Framework - Letter ISPAB
Briefing 01/13/2015
Recommendations of the ISPAB to OMB
Briefing 01/13/2015
Recommendations of the ISPAB to OMB on the EBK project
Briefing 01/13/2015
Recommendations of the ISPAB to OMB regarding FISMA
Briefing 01/13/2015
Recommendations of the ISPAB to OMB regarding the Einstein Program
Briefing 01/13/2015
Report on funding for the cyber security program at NIST
Briefing 01/13/2015
Request for Board's advice on a list of activities
Briefing 01/13/2015
Mobile Device and Derived Credentials
Briefing 11/20/2014
Bio for Matt Thomlinson (ISPAB Board and Chair)
Briefing 10/07/2014
FSSCC Welcomes Greg Garcia as Executive Director
Briefing 06/17/2014
Federal 100 Awards Gala and Award Recipient: Dr. Kevin Fu (ISPAB Board Member)
Briefing 03/20/2013
ISPAB: Recommendations to the Deputy Director, OMB
Briefing 03/30/2012
ISPAB: Recommendation to OMB on outdated computer
Briefing 03/30/2012
ISPAB: Letter to The Honorable Patrick Gallagher, Under Secretary of commerce for Standards and Technology
Briefing 02/01/2012
ISPAB Letter: The Need to Build a Shared Understanding of Cyber Security Doctrine
Briefing 11/01/2011
Department of Defense Strategy for Operating in Cyberspace
Briefing 07/01/2011
Letter of Recommendation of goals for a Research Program to Support NSTIC
Briefing 10/20/2009
ISPAB Recommendations to OMB Updating Privacy Law
Briefing 05/01/2009
ISPAB's, concept of the issues and views on the Real ID program's use of encryption
Briefing 09/01/2007
ISPAB recommendations on the key issues with NIAP
Briefing 06/01/2006
The Case for Adequate Funding - A Report by the ISPAB
Briefing 06/01/2004
Discussion of Considerations the Board Feels are Important
Briefing 02/01/2003
Questions to Establish Potential Chlling Effects of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) on the Conduct of Computer Security Research
Briefing 01/01/2003
CSSPAB Findings and Recommendations on Government Privacy
Briefing 09/01/2002
ISPAB: Final draft of a report of the Computer System Security and Privacy Advisory Board
Briefing 05/20/2002


Mr. Matthew Scholl - NIST

Jeff Brewer


Security and Privacy: general security & privacy

Laws and Regulations: E-Government Act

Activities and Products: groups

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