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NIST Personal Identity Verification Program NPIVP

Pre-Validation List for PIV Middleware

DISCLAIMER: The pre-validation list is provided for information purposes only. Participation on the list is voluntary and is a joint decision by the vendor and the NPIVP test facility. Products are listed alphabetically by name. Posting on the list does not imply guarantee of final validation. The following phases describe the pre-validation process. The status of each product in the process is identified in the list.


PIV Middleware Testing in Progress

  • There exists a viable contract between a vendor and a NPIVP testing facility for the testing of the vendor’s PIV Middleware.
  • The PIV Middleware and all of the required documentation have been submitted to the NPIVP testing facility

PIV Middleware Validation under Review

  • Complete set of test reports and associated documentation have been submitted to the NPIVP for review.
  • Signed letter from the test facility stating recommendation for validation received by the NPIVP.
  • NPIVP is reviewing the test report and associated documentation.

PIV Middleware Validated *

  • All issues in validation review comments have been resolved.
  • Certificate number assigned - certificate printing and signature process initiated.

PIV Middleware Pre-Validation List

Product Name Vendor Name PIV Middleware Testing in Progress PIV Middleware Validation under Review

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Created May 24, 2016, Updated January 02, 2024