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NIST Personal Identity Verification Program NPIVP

PIV Card Application Validation List

The NIST maintains a validation list of all validated PIV Card Application (past and present).

The list is maintained in descending order of certificate numbers and is updated as new PIV Card Applications receive validation certificates from the NPIVP.

All questions regarding the implementation and/or use of any PIV Card Application located on the validation list should first be directed to the vendor.

Cert #

Product Name


Issue Date/Update Date

FIPS 140-2 validation certificate # and date

Product Details

51 ZTPass PIV Applet v.2. on NXP P71D600 ZTPass Inc 7/19/2024 TBD Details
50 ID-One PIV 243 on Cosmo X IDEMIA 01/02/2024 TBD Details
49 HID Global Applet PIV End-Point v2.7.7 on Thales IDCore 3230 smart card HID Global Corporation 08/10/23 TBD Details
48 Taglio PIV Applet v2.1 on NXP JCOP 3 SecID P60 CS (OSB) Taglio LLC 10/15/2020

#4017 - 


47 HID Applets v3.0 on NXP JCOP 3 SecID P60 CS (OSB) HID Global, Inc. 03/06/2020

#3854 - 


46 IDEMIA ID-One PIV Applet Suite Version 2.4.2 on ID-One Cosmo v8.2 IDEMIA 12/23/2019

#3863 - 


45 HID Global ActivID Applet Suite v2.7.6 on Giesecke & Devrient Sm@rtCafé Expert 7.0 HID Global, Inc. 05/09/2019

#2544 - 



IDPrime PIV v3.0 Applet on IDCore 3130 Platform


Gemalto Corp. 10/03/2018 #3417 - 03/27//2019 Details
43 StarSign PIV Applet V 1.0 on Giesecke+Devrient Sm@rtCafé Expert 7.0 Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security GmbH 3/13/2018 #3308 - 10/19/2018 Details
42 HID Global ActivID Applet Suite v2.7.4 on Gemalto TopDL v2.1  HID Global, Inc.



#3249 - 07/27/2018


41  HID Global ActivID Applet Suite v2.7.4 on Oberthur Technologies Cosmo V8  HID Global, Inc.



#2545 - 08/11/2017


40  HID Global ActivID Applet Suite v2.7.5 on Giesecke & Devrient Sm@rtCafé Expert 7.0  HID Global, Inc. 06/20/2017 #2544 - 07/03/2017


39  ID-One PIV Applet Suite Version 2.4 on ID-One PIV  Oberthur Technologies 05/31/2017 #2986 - 08/10/2017 Details
38 TOPDLv2.1 Platform with PIVv2.1 applet Gemalto Corp. 05/08/2017 #2970 - 07/26/2017 Details


ID-One PIV Applet Suite Version 2.3.5 on ID-One PIV


Oberthur Technologies.



#2392 - 06/18/2015


Optional SP 800-73-2 Features Supported:6) Discovery Object) Verification with Global PIN

Optional SP 800-73-3 Features Supported:8) Key History Object with up to 20 on-card retired private Key Management keys and 9) up to 20 on-card retired X.509 Certificates for Key Management that are also available off-card and 10) Cardholder Iris Image  

*The listed PIV card applications may support cryptographic algorithms as described in SP800-78 and declared optional in SP800-73.  Agencies with requirements for optional algorithms should contact the vendor directly to obtain the usage modes for those algorithms.

Created May 24, 2016, Updated July 19, 2024