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Multi-Party Threshold Cryptography MPTC

News and Updates

NIST IR 8214C ipd Available for Public Comment
January 25, 2023
NIST requests public comments on NIST IR 8214C ipd (initial public draft), NIST First Call for Multi-Party Threshold Schemes, for primitives organized into two categories: Cat1: selected NIST-specified primitives Cat2:...
NIST requests comments on IR 8214B initial public draft
August 12, 2022
NIST requests public comments on the initial public draft (ipd) of NIST IR 8214B, Notes on Threshold EdDSA/Schnorr Signatures. 
NISTIR 8214A Toward Criteria for Threshold Schemes
July 7, 2020
NIST has published NISTIR 8214A, "NIST Roadmap Toward Criteria for Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives."
Draft NISTIR 8214A Available for Comment
November 11, 2019
NIST has released Draft NISTIR 8214A, "Towards NIST Standards for Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives: A Preliminary Roadmap," for public comment. The comment period closes February 10, 2020.
Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives: NISTIR 8214
March 1, 2019
NIST announces the publication of NIST Internal Report (NISTIR) 8214, Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives.
NIST Releases Draft NISTIR 8214 for Comment
July 26, 2018
NIST announces the release of Draft NISTIR 8214, Threshold Schemes for Cryptographic Primitives. This publication provides a high-level overview of the possibilities that threshold schemes bring for enhancing the robustness...

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Email List (MPTC Forum)


Reach us at threshold-MP (at) nist (dot) gov

Luís T. A. N. Brandão - NIST/Strativia

Michael Davidson - NIST

René Peralta - NIST

Dustin Moody - NIST

Created July 26, 2018, Updated March 18, 2024