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Request for Public Comments on Stateful Hash-Based Signatures
February 4, 2019
NIST currently intends to approve both LMS and XMSS stateful hash-based signature schemes, and is...
Publication of NISTIR 8202, Blockchain Technology Overview
October 3, 2018
NIST has published "Blockchain Technology Overview," NIST Internal Report (NISTIR) 8202. This is...
Stateful Hash-Based Signatures: NIST Wants Your Input
June 21, 2018
NIST's Computer Security Division is seeking input on the development of standards for stateful...
Block Matrix Draft White Paper Available for Comment
May 31, 2018
"A Data Structure for Integrity Protection with Erasure Capability" is a draft white paper...
NIST Comments on Cryptanalytic Attacks on SHA-1
April 26, 2006
In 2005 Prof. Xiaoyun Wang announced a differential attack on the SHA-1 hash function. NIST found...

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Created June 08, 2016, Updated September 25, 2017