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NIST Invites Public Comments on SP 800-53 Controls and Plans Patch Release 5.1.1
October 17, 2023

NIST is issuing one new proposed control and two control enhancements with corresponding assessment procedures for an expedited 2-week public comment period for October 17–31, 2023. All interested users are invited to provide real-time input to SP 800-53 controls, participate in public comment periods, and plan for future changes to the catalog at the website for Public Comments on SP 800-53 Controls. Review and submit comments on the proposed new control and enhancements by selecting the “Candidates” button.

In addition, NIST is making minor grammatical edits and clarifications that do not impact implementation or the outcome of the control/control enhancement, including the introduction of “leading zeros” to the control identifiers (e.g., instead of AC-1, the control identifier will be updated to AC-01. Instead of AC-2(1), the control identifier will be AC-02(01)). These items will not be part of the expedited public comment period.

NIST will also issue a patch release — SP 800-53 Release 5.1.1 — in early November 2023 via the Cybersecurity and Privacy Reference Tool. The changes included will not be issued as a new PDF publication at this time, and organizations will have the option to defer implementing the changes included in Patch Release 5.1.1 until SP 800-53, Release 6.0.0 is issued. For more information, see the News Item and FAQ about the SP 800-53 Comment Period and Patch Release 5.1.1.

Please direct all questions to

800-53 Comment Site

Created October 13, 2023, Updated October 17, 2023