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February 9, 2016

 the CMVP has removed cryptographic modules implementing RNG from the FIPS 140-2 validation list as of 1/1/16.

February 8, 2016

Draft SP 800-166 contains the derived test requirements and test assertions for testing the Derived PIV Application and associated Derived PIV data objects. The tests verify the conformance of these artifacts to the technical specifications of SP 800-157. ...

February 5, 2016

This draft white paper is a best practices guide. The paper is in response to the Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP), published by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ...

February 3, 2016

NIST requests public comments on DRAFT NISTIR 8105Report on Post-Quantum Cryptography. In recent years, there has been a substantial amount of research on quantum computers – machines that exploit quantum ...

February 2, 2016

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is pleased to announce the initial public draft release of NIST Internal Report (NISTIR) 8011Automation Support for Security Control Assessments, ...

January 28, 2016

NIST announces the final release of NISTIR 7511 Revision 4, Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Version 1.2 Validation Program Test Requirements. ...

January 28, 2016

NIST announces the completion of Special Publication (SP) 800-57, Part 1 Rev. 4, Recommendation for Key Management, Part 1: General. This Recommendation provides ...

January 27, 2016

NIST announces the second draft of Special Publication (SP) 800-90B, Recommendation for the Entropy Sources Used for Random Bit Generation. This Recommendation specifies the design principles and requirements for the entropy sources used by ...

January 25, 2016
Federal Register Number: 2016-01344

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) invites organizations to provide products and technical expertise to support and demonstrate security platforms for the Wireless Medical Infusion Pumps use case for the health care sector.

January 22, 2016

NIST announces the final release of NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) 8055, Derived Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Credentials (DPC) Proof of Concept Research. ...

January 21, 2016

Addressing the nation’s rapidly increasing need for cybersecurity employees, the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) is seeking members from the public and private sectors and ...

December 29, 2015

NIST announces that Draft Special Publication (SP) 800-156, Representation of PIV Chain-of-Trust for Import and Export, is now available for public comment. This document provides the data representation of a chain-of-trust record for the exchange of records between issuers...

December 28, 2015

NIST is pleased to announce the public comment release of Draft Special Publication 800-116 Revision 1, A Recommendation for the Use of PIV Credentials in Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). ...

December 17, 2015

NIST Released 2 Draft NISTIRs: (1) NISTIR 8060 and (2) NISTIR 8085 - see below for further details

December 16, 2015

note - this document was approved in late October (date shown on the cover of this document) - this is first time this NISTIR has been announced on CSRC website) NIST announces the final release of ...

December 11, 2015

NIST announces the final release of NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) 7904, Trusted Geolocation in the Cloud: Proof of Concept Implementation. This report describes a proof of concept implementation ...

December 11, 2015

NIST releases a third Cybersecurity Framework Request for Information (RFI), Views on the Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity, requesting information* about...

December 11, 2015
Federal Register Number: 2015-31217

NIST is seeking information on the “Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” (the “Framework”).

December 11, 2015

Special Publication 800-70 Revision 3, National Checklist Program for IT Products--Guidelines for Checklist Users and Developers, has been released as final. It describes security configuration checklists and their benefits, and it

December 8, 2015

NIST is accepting nominations of individuals to serve on eight Federal Advisory Committees, including the Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board (ISPAB)...

December 8, 2015
Federal Register Number: 2015-30886

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) invites and requests nomination of individuals for appointment to eight existing Federal Advisory Committees

December 2, 2015

NIST announces the public comment release of NIST Special Publication 800-178, A Comparison of Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) Standards for Data Services. Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) ...

November 20, 2015

In cooperation with the Public Safety Communications Research (PSCR) Program, NIST announces the release of NIST Interagency Report (NISTIR) 8080Usability and Security Considerations for Public Safety Mobile Authentication. ..

November 6, 2015

NIST announces the final release of Special Publication (SP) 800-167, Guide to Application Whitelisting. The purpose of this publication is to assist organizations in understanding the basics ...

November 6, 2015

SP 800-131A Rev. 1 provides guidance for transitions to the use of stronger cryptographic keys and more robust algorithms by Federal government agencies when protecting sensitive, but unclassified information.

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