Federal Computer Security Program Managers Forum

Forum Membership and Email Listserv Information

The Federal Computer Security Managers (FCSM) Forum is an informal group sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to promote the sharing of system security information among US federal agencies. The FCSM maintains an extensive email list of about 1,500 members and holds quarterly meetings to discuss current issues and items of interest to those responsible for protecting their organizations' systems. There are no membership dues for meetings or the email listserv.

Jody Jacobs serves as FCSM Chair and Jeff Brewer of NIST serves as the secretariat of the FCSM, providing necessary administrative and logistical support.

FCSM Meetings

Please see the CSRC Events Page for upcoming FCSM meetings and registration information. Staff supporting information security programs at US federal, state, and local government employees and US higher education institutions are welcome to attend.  

Contractors supporting US federal, state, and local government employees are also invited to attend Forum meetings.  For those contractors that do not have a valid .gov, .mil, or .edu address, the contractor will need to get their federal sponsor (aka FTE) to send an email to sec-forum@nist.gov asking that the contractor be added to the email listserve or attend an FCSM Meeting. 

Federal contractors cannot sponsor other federal contractors to attend FCSM events or join the email listserve.  

FCSM Email Listserv

Participation in the FCSM listserv is limited to US federal, state, and local government, and higher education employees who participate in the management of their organization's information security program and have a .gov, .mil, or .edu email address. Designated support contractors may also join the FCSM using a .gov, .mil  or .edu email address.

To join the FCSM Email Listserv, please request to subscribe at: https://groups.google.com/a/list.nist.gov/forum/#!forum/FCSM.  Please sign up using your .gov, .mil, or  .edu email address.  Requests from personal email addresses will not be approved.  A moderator will approve your membership to the forum. 

To get a Google account affiliated with your .gov, .mil, and/or .edu email, please see:  https://accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail

If your organization's firewall is not allowing you to join via the above methods, send an email to FCSM+subscribe@list.nist.gov. A moderator will approve your membership to the forum. 

Procedural Instructions for Use of Forum Mail List:

  1. Use the listserv to share information and ask questions about cybersecurity issues or questions only. Be aware that all list members receive an email anytime a message is sent to fcsm@list.nist.gov. There are approximately 1,300 members on the mailing list.  
  2. PLEASE DO NOT ATTACH ZIP FILES NOR FILES LARGER THAN 5MB. Many email systems are not equipped to handle large data downloads. We suggest that any such items be made available 'upon request' so that individual members can decide if their systems have the capability to accept them. 
  3. Members can post any response to questions to the listserv with the knowledge that all members on the list will receive the response posted. Therefore, each individual does not have to send out another email asking to be included in a specific response.
  4. Please do not send out an email to the list that contains your personal comments such as “I concur, thank-you,” etc. These types of replies/comments can be sent directly to the individual that posted the message originally.
  5. NIST reserves the right to unsubscribe those members who do not comply with the intent of the service that NIST has provided for FCSM use.
  6. Users can now manage their own email settings, including updating email addresses, email delivery settings, and unsubscribe themselves via the Google Group URL https://groups.google.com/a/list.nist.gov/forum/#!forum/FCSM 

Migration to Google Groups

NIST transitioned to Google Groups in March 2018.  Google Groups offers improved email delivery, access to archives, and the ability to control email delivery options (e.g., daily digest, one-by-one, online only). 

For additional information about the Google Groups Migration and FAQs, please see below. 

Google Groups NIST Migration FAQ

FCSM Google Groups Intro and Migration Plans

Created May 24, 2016, Updated July 08, 2020