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Cryptographic Module Validation Program CMVP

Entropy Source Validation Search

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Vendor Implementation Certificate Number Validation Date
NetApp, Inc. NetApp CryptoMod E1 8/29/2022
WISeKey VaultIC408 E2 10/11/2022
Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco Jitter Entropy Source E3 10/11/2022
Cisco Systems, Inc. Cisco TRNG Core Entropy Source E4 10/21/2022
Western Digital Corporation Western Digital FE2-PG4 ASIC Physical Entropy Noise Source E5 10/21/2022
Broadcom Inc. Broadcom Prism+ TRNG E6 10/21/2022
Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company Aruba CPU Jitter Entropy Source E7 12/2/2022
Red Hat, Inc. Kernel CPU Time Jitter RNG Entropy Source E8 12/2/2022
IBM IBM Capri ASIC Entropy Source E9 12/16/2022
DocuSign Inc. DocuSign QSCD Appliance E10 12/16/2022
STMicroelectronics STM32U5x TRNG E11 12/16/2022
Western Digital Corporation Ultrastar DC HC560 E12 1/5/2023
Western Digital Corporation Western Digital SoC9B ASIC Physical Entropy Noise Source E13 1/5/2023
Apple Inc. Apple corecrypto physical entropy source E14 1/19/2023
Apple Inc. Apple corecrypto non-physical entropy source E15 1/19/2023
F5, Inc. CPU Jitter RNG E16 1/25/2023
Shenzhen IBestChain Technology Co Ltd IBestChain HSM Cryptographic Library E17 1/26/2023
Nuvoton Technology Corporation Nuvoton NPCT7xx TPM 2.0 Cryptographic Engine E18 1/27/2023
SUSE LLC Kernel CPU Time Jitter RNG E19 2/13/2023
SUSE LLC Kernel-RT CPU Time Jitter RNG E20 2/13/2023
Information Security Corporation CPU Time Jitter Based Non-Physical True Random Number Generator E21 2/17/2023
SUSE LLC Userspace Standalone CPU Time Jitter RNG (32-bit with internal timer) E22 3/8/2023
Ciena Corporation Trusted Platform Module 2.0 SLB 9672 Entropy Source E23 3/15/2023
KeyPair Consulting Inc. JEnt-MemOnly SHA3-256 E24 3/17/2023
Silvus Technologies Silvus Clock Jitter Entropy Module E25 3/20/2023

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Created October 11, 2016, Updated July 10, 2024