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High-Performance Computing Security HPCS


Executive Order 13702 established the National Strategic Computing Initiative (NSCI) to maximize the benefits of high-performance computing (HPC) for economic competitiveness and scientific discovery. The ability to process large volumes of data and perform complex calculations at high speeds is a key part of the nation's vision for maintaining its global competitive edge. 

Security for HPC systems is an essential component of HPC to provide the anticipated benefits. Our goal is to help HPC community to create a HPC Risk Management Framework (RMF) that shall provide a comprehensive and reliable security guidance to identify, eliminate and minimize risks in the use, operation and management of HPC systems. We will organize a series of workshops to listen to the community's needs, coordinate and lead the development of NIST security and privacy control overlay for HPC, and respond to the community's feedbacks. We are looking for volunteers / contributors who are interested in helping us develop the HPC security guidance. You can join us by subscribing to the mailing list hpc-security@nist.gov


High-Performance Computing (HPC) Security Draft NIST SP 800-223 is available for public comment


3rd High-Performance Computing Security Workshop  

NIST, in collaboration with National Science Foundation (NSF), hosts the 3rd High-Performance Computing Security Workshop on March 15-16, 2023 at NCCoE (National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence) at Rockville, Maryland. The workshop aims to report and reflect on the activities at HPC Security WG, listen to community’s needs and feedbacks, and define and discuss future directions with stakeholders from industry, academia, and government. The registration is open and we look forward to your participation. 


Created November 02, 2017, Updated May 25, 2023