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Combinatorial Methods for Trust and Assurance

Combinatorial Coverage Measurement

NEW:  Combinatorial Coverage Difference Measurement for assurance of autonomous systems and other critical software. 

Combinatorial coverage is a way of finding the rare cases that may lead to security vulnerabilities or system failures, with application to both testing and assured autonomy.

Achieving sound testing or assured autonomy in any environment requires methods for measuring the input space, to show that the test environment adequately covers real-world conditions that may be encountered.  NIST is developing new combinatorial measurement methods and tools for input space coverage, to fill this key gap in current software engineering capabilities and provide assured autonomy. 



Rick Kuhn

Raghu Kacker

M S Raunak


Security and Privacy: assurance, modeling, testing & validation

Technologies: software & firmware

Created May 24, 2016, Updated June 13, 2024