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Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography PEC

Collaboration with ZKProof

NIST has collaborated with the ZKProof initiative since 2019, as a way of supporting the development of open reference material on zero-knowledge proofs. This page lists some outputs of this interaction:

News / highlights:

NIST-PEC documentation on ZKProof:

Past talks with PEC members:

(Some talks were jointly presented with other ZKProof Editors)

ZKProof Community Reference (ZkpComRef):

  • 2022-Jul-17: Version 0.3. (Contains substantial updates about ZKP paradigms; we contributed with content and as part of the ZKProof editors team)
  • 2019-Dec-31: Version 0.2. (Includes contributions by the PEC team; one PEC team member also served as editor). See also the annotated changes and diff documents.
  • 2019-Apr-11: Version 0.1. (LaTeX porting of the files output by the 1st ZKProof workshop)
  • See the source code on GitHub:zkpstandard/zkpreference

Other ZKP-related talks by external speakers:

  • ZKProof list of (150+) presentations: https://docs.zkproof.org/presentations
  • NIST Crypto-reading-club talks related to ZKPs (not necessarily associated with ZKProof):
    • 2018-Nov-07: Muthu Venkitasubramaniam (University of Rochester), Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Recent progress and an update on the standardization effort
    • 2019-Dec-18: Justin Thaler (Georgetown University), Interactive Proofs and Zero-Knowledge
    • 2022-Jun-15: Mary Maller (Ethereum Foundation), Caulk: Lookup Arguments in Sublinear Time

Created January 03, 2017, Updated March 24, 2023