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Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan CSIP

OMB Memo M-16-04, Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP) for the Federal Civilian Government (October 30, 2015), resulted from a comprehensive review in 2015 of the Federal Government's cybersecurity policies, procedures, and practices by the Cybersecurity Sprint Team. Its intent was to identify and address critical cybersecurity gaps and emerging priorities, and make specific recommendations to address those gaps and priorities. The five objectives of CSIP are:

  1. Prioritized Identification and Protection of high value information and assets;
  2. Timely Detection of and Rapid Response to cyber incidents;
  3. Rapid Recovery from incidents when they occur and Accelerated Adoption of lessons learned from the [Cybersecurity] Sprint assessment;
  4. Recruitment and Retention of the most highly-qualified Cybersecurity Workforce talent the Federal Government can bring to bear; and
  5. Efficient and Effective Acquisition and Deployment of Existing and Emerging Technology.


Created May 31, 2016, Updated June 22, 2020